Denitsa VanPelt Piano Studio

Suzuki and Traditional Piano Instruction

Suzuki Piano

The Suzuki method, known as the “mother-tongue approach”, allows children to begin instruction as early as three years old. The method focuses on developing technique, musicianship, memory and listening skills from the very first lesson. Parental involvement is the key to successful Suzuki lessons.

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Traditional Piano

Elementary traditional piano lessons focus on developing reading skills and elementary music theory understanding. Traditional instruction should begin at the age of five or later. Students learn in a gradual and systematic fashion. Intermediate and advanced students are encouraged to follow the Royal Conservatory of Music curriculum.

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Dr. Denitsa VanPelt

Dr. VanPelt believes in the importance of early childhood music instruction. Her experience as a child pianist as well as her cosmopolitan music education has led her to explore various methods for teaching children. She combines Suzuki and traditional methods in order to provide students with a well-rounded music education.

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Dr. VanPelt offers weekly private lessons in Suzuki and traditional piano. In addition to lessons, students can participate in studio performance classes and recitals as well as local music events.
Dr. VanPelt prepares students for the Royal Conservatory of Music assessments.

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